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Tank Permitting Alberta

Looking to get a tank permit from certified PTMAA members or need to redo an existing system? You are in the right place. Within Alberta (with some exceptions) the Fire Code governs the requirements on tanks storing flammable goods. These tanks must be regulated and approved by the PTMAA approved member in order to comply with law. Fireball Equipment Ltd. is proud to have approved members within the PTMAA organization who are able to properly permit tanks.

Need A Permit? Contact Us!

Leave us as much information as possible. Tank Size? Above ground or below ground? Fluid type being stored? Farm? That will allow us to not waste your time.

If you prefer to be contacted via phone please leave your number in there as well!

Fireball Equipment Ltd. announces Liam Murphy as President

September 30, 2019

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Employee Stealing Fuel

Employee Stealing Fuel or Lubricant? Prevent & Reduce Shrinkage and Theft Within Your Business

July 08, 2019

Fuel and lubricant theft is an issue that affects many industries. From fleet managers to automotive lubrication shops, the ec...
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Thermal Expansion Lubrication

Thermal Expansion | Lubrication Systems

July 05, 2019

Thermal expansion occurs when the oil in the distribution piping is exposed to heat from space heaters or simply from the increased temperature at ceiling level. It causes an expansion in the system that can cause seals to leak, hoses to rupture and, in some cases, pump casings to crack.
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Lubrication Systems

Lubrication Systems | Everything You Need To Know

July 05, 2019

Any lubrication system will consist of the same basic components, a tank to store the fluids, a pump to move the fluids, pipe or hose to transport the fluids and a dispenser to dispense the fluids into the actual equipment. The design of each system will be different based on the customer.

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