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I am looking to add a significant role to our Leadership Team and our company. Recently, our amazing Controller has decided to venture out on his own and run his own business, leaving his role vacant. While we wish him massive success, it leaves us recruiting for the role of Controller, to join our organization to start off the New Year. Thankfully, our current Controller is providing us the flexibility in timing to allow us to find the right person, and transition them into the role successfully. This person is the top financial role in our organization and reports directly to me, Liam Murphy, President of Fireball Equipment Ltd. 

This role consists of five primary functions; People Manager, Financial, I.T., Leadership, and Board. 

People Manager 

This role will be the Manager for our FIT team (Finance, IT), which consists of two people in accounting, and two people in IT. All four of these people have been with the business for over 5 years, and have a ton of capability. As a people manager, your role is to support them, and clear their paths of obstacles. Ultimately, you act as the coach whose job is to build them up and get the most out of their team. You are responsible for identifying and arranging training, upholding your team’s role in our robust safety program, and helping them achieve their career goals. 


As the lead financial person in the company, your role is to take our financial systems to the next level. Our current accounting team is more than capable of running the day-to-day of the business. Your role is to review the day-to-day operations, and take accountability for all of the financial activities outside of the day-to-day. These activities include managing the balance sheet (cash flow projections, AR/AP listings, and inventory), establishing and managing to departmental budgets with your management peers, providing financial projections to our leadership, board and banking partners. You will also be the primary relationship owner with our bank, external accountants and other key vendors. 

You will have a close relationship with me, the President. I need my focus to remain on enhancing our culture, developing our strategy, engaging key customers & vendors, and achieving our long-term goals. For me to do this, I need someone to take ownership of the financial side of our business with a watchful eye. I need someone dependable and trustworthy to collaborate with, and give me peace of mind. This means that you will dive deeper into some operational roles than what is typical for a similar position, including, but not limited to, handling insurance, reviewing contracts, and managing inventory levels. 


We don’t need a tech wizard for this role by any means, but you should be comfortable digging in and not scared of it. As a business, we are very dependent on our key software suites and are continually looking for tech solutions to improve the employee experience, customer experience and automate processes to find efficiencies. Outside of managing the team members, your role in I.T. is prioritizing and monitoring our projects to help achieve our strategy.  


As the head of the FIT team, you sit on the Leadership team with other five department managers (Sales & Marketing, 3 x Operations departments, and Human Resources). We have worked really hard to develop a strong leadership team, as this is the driving force for the business. These leaders are hugely capable, and aligned to our core values; and we will take particular caution to ensure that the successful candidate for this role is as well. While we don’t necessarily need your voice to be the loudest in the room; we need you to have a voice. The financial literacy of the Leadership team is relatively strong, however you have an important function to educate, support and help the other managers on their journey. 

Advisory Board 

As part of the succession plan of our founder, and to enable our Leadership team to execute more strongly on our strategy, we have recently formed a 5Board. We held our inaugural meeting in November. While it’s still in our infancy, we couldn’t be more excited about the quality of the board members’ contribution and the positive influence the Board will have on our business. In the spirit of our core values of “We are one” and “Own it”; we involve the full leadership team in the entirety of the board meetings. You will have a significant role with the board in developing the board packages, and representing the financials of our business to the board. To help prepare for this experience, we would be happy to enroll you in a Corporate Governance course. 

Job Type: Full-time 

Requirements: CPA Designation with at least 5 years’ experience 

Salary: $90,000.00 to $120,000.00 /year

A message for our current Controller:

I’ve always enjoyed working at small and medium sized businesses because I feel like I have the opportunity to make an impact. This was certainly the case at Fireball.

When applying for jobs, candidates typically are interested in the job duties and technical experience they will get from the job. In my opinion it is equally important to assess the culture of the business and your fit with their values. It is also extremely important to consider the personalities of your future co-workers. I want to highlight some of the aspects of Fireball that I appreciate to give candidates an idea of what the position entails and a sense for the people you will be working with.  

Fireball places a large emphasis on maintaining a positive culture. Culture of the business is often discussed and in the minds of the leadership team. From my prospective, everyone was highly engaged in the business. The leadership decision making process is very collaborate – everyone gets a chance to be heard.  Ideas and opinions may be challenged by others, but are never criticized. There is variety of skills and mindsets on the leadership team. I had the opportunity to learn something different from each individual on the team. I found everyone to be very respectful and I got along very well with everyone.  My direct manager was great to work with and made confident in my role and I felt well respected and appreciated. Improving quality and processes is important in the organization. There is a sense of pride in the workmanship that all employees embrace. One of the core values that I found often mentioned and exemplified by everyone was “Make it right” Although there was some trying times through COVID, everyone in the organization rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to help get us through and succeed. It definitely felt like more of a team experience than my jobs in the past. Fireball has multiple programs that promotes flexibility for employees. These are well appreciated by everyone working at Fireball, including myself. I found Fireball to be fairly progressive on their approach to business. There was often discussion on new ideas or approaches of doing things.

In summary, I truly enjoyed my time working for Fireball. I learned a great deal while here and made some lasting connections with my coworkers.

Reason for my Departure: I was presented with an opportunity to start my own business and I felt it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. This was very much a bittersweet decision.

A little about us: 

Our core business is to supply and install equipment for handling fuel and lubricants, and all the other work related to that. Our commercial customers are anyone that changes oil such as car dealerships, municipalities, repair shops, heavy equipment shops and fast lubes. Our industrial customers are open pit and underground mines, mostly in Canada but with some international mining projects. We are not a general construction company; more of a specialized design-build contractor and engineering house. We are well-established with strong market share in the automotive market and have huge growth potential in the mining market. Despite COVID and the current oil price impacting many business right now, we are well-positioned for an exciting growth trajectory through our strong product & service mix in a diverse range of industries. 

Considering our size and narrow scope, there are a lot of moving parts to this business and a lot happening at once. We have 65 staff, sales of $16M and have ambitious growth targets. We have a strategic plan that includes diversification, geographic expansion, international mining projects, manufactured products, tech services and service contracts. 

How we do business: 

We run a (sometimes shockingly) transparent and open-book company. Outside of individual compensation, nothing is off-limits for any of our staff members. We are very culture-forward, and strive to build a customized and flexible work experience. While we are a customer service organization, we put our people first and our customers second. The customer experience can never exceed the employee experience; so we’re aiming to have our employees at the pinnacle of engagement. As a result of being very progressive and pragmatic in our approach to COVID, our entire office staff is #workingfromhome (for now). 

What you can expect at Fireball:

At Fireball Equipment we have been working the last few years on building up our engineering team to better serve our customers. We are not your typical engineering team. We are a matrix style team where every member contributes as much as any other. You can be working on multiple different projects every single day. If this does not sound like your cup of tea that is fine. We can’t expect everyone to thrive in this environment and that’s ok. If you are looking for a challenge, where work is never boring and there is always the push for continual improvement, then this may be the place for you. Please send your resume and cover letter to While we thank everyone for their interest in this position, only candidates that are approved through our first screening will be contacted.

This is our company, together. When considering a place to work, the Fireball team believes that no matter what position you choose, you are part of the family. Our work environment is about connecting with fellow employees and developing new skills to fuel personal and professional growth in a safe professional environment. Creativity and collaboration are essential; as is the respect we give employees, allowing for innovation and independence with their responsibilities.

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