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Eliminate Freight expenses & Residual Product


To see an overview of how the Fluid-Bag system can change your business watch this video. This shipping solution has been globally adopted by many companies and will continue to change traditional shipping methods that require large budgets for return freight.


Watch this video to see the testing done to the Fluid-Bag system. The Fluid-Bag solution is durable and designed for the rough working climates around the world.

Fluid-Bag Case Study | Exmark/CHS

Fluid-Bag Case Study | Exmark/CHS

Exmark, a manufacturer of professional turf care equipment in Beatrice, Nebraska, USA, recently installed a new lubricants system that will save tons of grease a year while providing major environmental benefits. With the help of its local cooperative and CHS Inc., Exmark replaced twenty 400-pound drum stands with our Fluid-Bag Flexi system.
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Fluid-Bag Case Study | Petron Corporation

Fluid-Bag Case Study | Petron Corporation

A single Fluid-Bag holds the equivalent of more than 5 drums of Petron’s lubricants. The flexible bag is sealed at Petron’s facility and does not need to be vented when using the lubricant, eliminating the possibility of water or other contamination at the point of use. Fluid-Bags are able to be visibly inspected to ensure they are empty.
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Fluid-Bag Case Study | Engen Petroleum

Fluid-Bag Case Study | Engen Petroleum

Engen Petroleum has actively introduced Fluid-Bag Flexi containers for lubricants, greases and transformer oils that are shipped to mining sites in South Africa, Moçambique, Angola, DRC and Ghana.

Transport of lubricants in Africa is challenging due to the long distances and in some cases limited infrastructure. 

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