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High Speed Refueling

Get More From Your Fleet

Our fuel pumping and dispensing skid provides the infrastructure to achieve 1,200 LPM flow rates at the fuel nozzle.

Emergency Shutdown

Local start/stop buttonswith Emergency Shutdownat each dispense point

Integrated electrical

Integrated electrical wall for modular installation

4” Blackmer positive displacement pumps

Basket strainer at fuel tank inlet

Filter Vessel

Filter Vessel targets fuel quality of ISO 18/16/13

Loading Arms

3” Loading arms for easy refueling operations

FloMax Nozzles

2” FloMax FX1500 nozzles with capacity up to 1,200 LPM (396 GPM)

Flow Meters

Flow meters tie into site fuel management system and may be Weights and Measures approved

Control Valves

Control valves to allow single or dual dispensing

Steel Skid

Steel skid with spill containment

How It Works

To reach dispense flow rates up to 1,200 LPM, higher capacity pumping equipment is needed in addition to larger fuel nozzles and receivers. In our fast fueling module we use 4” positive displacement pumps to ensure flowrates up to 1,200 LPM are provided at the nozzle. The flow from these pumps then passes through a filter vessel to provide clean fuel. Fuel is then metered using a weights and measures approved meter. 3” spring-loaded loading arms are provided to handle the high flow rate and reduce operator strain during refueling while also keeping the nozzle from coming into contact with the ground.

Increasing the size of fuel nozzles and receivers alone does not provide increased flow rates. Larger pumps, filters, meters and dispensing equipment are required to achieve flow rates up to 1,200 LPM.

Value Proposition

By reducing refueling times, it allows the heavy equipment to spend more time hauling and less time being non-productive. With the equipment receiving fuel filtered to ISO 18/16/13 target fuel cleanliness, required by Tier 4 equipment, this prevents damage to equipment’s fuel system. Further decreasing potential equipment downtime.

Our skid also contains an air eliminator combined with weights and measures approved flow meters provide accurate fuel measurement. With spring-loaded loading arms, this enables ergonomic refueling operations to ensure safety and efficiency are maintained throughout the refueling process.

Why do you need non-pressurized shut offs?

Current systems require the fuel tanks to be pressurized in order to trigger the fuel nozzle to shut off. Since these are atmospheric tanks which are not rated for pressure, there are risks of tank bulging, metal fatigue and potential failure. Current systems also allow the operator to override the nozzle closing. The Non-Pressurized Shutoff System on the other hand will not allow the operator to override the nozzle and overfill the tank.

Value Proposition

Our Non-Pressurized Shut Off allows high speed refueling of equipment without having risk of the tank failing. This system ensures that the fuel nozzle may not be overridden which could cause overfilling the tank. Or even compromise the tanks integrity.


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