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October 16, 2020 4 min read

Fuel management systems are an integral part of keeping your fleet fueled up and ready to go. Without a reliable way to dispense, track, and optimize fuel usage, you’re shooting in the dark. Luckily, fuel management systems have advanced to offer comprehensive solutions to the most common issues plaguing companies of all varieties and sizes.

Common fuel management challenges that companies face

  1. Inconvenient or difficult dispensing methods
  2. Inadequate tracking for governmental regulations and environmental protection programs
  3. Fuel theft
  4. Scarce access to data, analytics, and sharability
  5. Inefficiencies and inconsistencies in fleet performance
  6. Fuel shortages from inefficient tank replenishment

In short, any company that runs fleets, mining equipment, card lock fueling stations, or frequent vehicle refills can benefit from precise fuel tracking.


When you’re filling up your fleet, you don’t want to be messing around with incompatible refuelling equipment. That’s why fuel management systems are optimized for the type of equipment and the fleet size you’re operating.

Take for example the Tecalemit fuel management system – an entry level system that can be customized with 1 to 5 dispensing ports. It’s perfect for smaller fleets because of its plug-and-play layout while still offering the functionality to track fuel usage with precision.

The GIR fuel management system is another great example of a convenient dispensing solution. The GIR is fully customizable with access by PIN, fob, mag card, or contactless card. It can manage up to 16 different products which effectively makes this fuel management system a one-stop fill-up point for all your refueling needs.

Tracking for government regulations and environmental protection programs

Under Canadian tax rules, fuel rebates are only granted for fuel that is consumed on site. This is what makes a mining fuel management system imperative for large scale operations. Paper and pen might work for tracking total fuel usage but does not provide proof of where that fuel was used. Mining fuel management systems like the Veridapt AdaptFMS generate reports that provide the proof you need to track with precision and apply for fuel rebate kickbacks.

Avoiding fuel theft

One of the greatest advantages of real time fuel level reconciliation is the ability to track every drop of fuel. Whether it’s recording inconsistencies, unintended spills, or straight-up theft, a fuel management system makes fuel usage transparent. While most fuel management systems have authorization locking capabilities, the Fuel Master fuel management system and Veridapt AdaptFMS take user tracking to the next level – both have vehicle and driver linking capabilities. This allows you to clearly see discrepancies in fuel usage and identify unauthorized dispenses.

Tracking and analytics

Process and efficiency improvements start with gathering relevant data. Luckily, fuel management systems are built exactly for this purpose. You can track the what, where, when, and how of all your fuel transactions. A really good example of state of the art fuel efficiency tracking is the Veridapt’s Adapt Transaction Analysis Module which tracks the refueling routes of service trucks. In-depth analytics and reporting allow you to:

o Get insights on volume and frequency of refills and dispenses

o Find out if equipment is being overprovisioned

o Optimize refuelling and dispensing activities

Relevant data allows you to make granular decisions about refueling operations. For mine sites that consume millions of litres of fuel, small efficiency improvements add up to big savings.

Improving efficiencies

Take all the amazing data that you gather and make decisions that are based on measurable outcomes. Veridapt’s wireless tracking system ensures that useful data is propagated enterprise wide so that key decision makers can see the relevant data. For some users, these key decisions involve optimizing inventory holdings to avoid overstocking and improve cash positioning. For others, individual vehicle fuel consumption levels can be monitored to detect performance declines. Ultimately, In-depth analytics platforms can help you isolate the performance metrics that can make a difference in your company.

Tank monitoring and replenishment automations

Many fuel management systems have the ability to monitor tank levels to make sure they never get too low.  Skybitz tank monitoring system is a perfect example of a robust tank monitoring solution. Tank level data is automatically uploaded to the SMARTank Analytics network – an online analytics platform that features in-depth trends, locating, logging, reports, & tracking tools. You can easily integrate the SMARTank network to your vendor’s supply chain management system so deliveries are always on time. Both of these tracking systems are smartphone compatible, so you can get live feedback from virtually anywhere.

Also consider Veridapt and GIR for built-in tank monitoring solutions. Both of these fuel management systems monitor tank levels in tandem with tracking fuel usage – eliminating the need for integrating additional software.

Fuel management systems solve common challenges

Fuel management systems save you time and money by taking care of the most common issues in fuel systems. Whether its convenience of dispensing, inadequate tracking of governmental regulations and fuel rebates, fuel theft, access to data, analytics, and sharability, inefficiencies and inconsistencies in fleet performance, or fuel shortages from inefficient tank replenishment, there is a fuel management system out there for you.

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