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Wolverine¨ Advanced Duplex Chemical Injection Pump, 12 VDC, 1/5 HP (150 Watt) Motor, 1/4 in Plunger, FKM Seals

  • This chemical injection system runs off solar energy so there's no gas exhaust released into the atmosphere. It includes state-of-the-art technology with features that save both time and money. In addition, system configurations come with the necessary hardware to quickly get you up and running.

    Chemical injection packages are rigorously field-tested to ensure optimum performance

    Solar pumping systems can provide reliable chemical injection for up to four days without sun

    Electronic injection rate controllers ensure precise injection rates Ð optimizing your process

    Control and monitor your chemical injection system with your mobile device for peace of mind

    Pump components are designed for up to two years of operation between service intervals

    Ideal for remote installations in extreme temperatures

    Save money by reducing chemical waste when you use our adaptive injection rate controls

    Lower energy costs by using off-the-grid solar-powered systems vs. pneumatic or grid-powered pumps

    Advanced Ð for extreme environments

    Harrier Injection Rate Controller Ð cycle-based control to improve the injection accuracy
    Wolverine Simplex or Duplex Electric Pump, 1/11 (67 Watt) or 1/5 HP (150 Watt)
    Max flow = 40 gpd (150 lpd)
    Max pressure = 10,000 psi (689 bar, 68.9 MPa)
    Solar panels up to 90W
    Premium AGM battery, 105 Ah
    Operating temperatures from -40¡F to 135¡F (-40¡C to 57¡C)


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