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Standard Drum Kits - 24 VDC HF Pump and Cover for 400 lb (180 kg). Reservoir

  • The Dyna-Star HP and HF 24VDC Electric Lubrication Pumps complement our Dyna-Star 10:1 Hydraulic and Fire-Ball 300 50:1 Pneumatic pump offering. Now you have three power source options for automatic lubrication systems and transfer applications. Heavy-duty construction and mining equipment rely on fresh lubricant to flush contaminants from critical pivot points. An automatic lubrication system from Graco provides continuous lube replenishment, reducing expensive component failures to keep your equipment working.

    Electric pumps for heavy duty automatic lubrication and transfer systems.

    Auto Fill Shut Off - mechanical shut off of fill pump for clean and efficient refill

    Graco Advantage Driveª - heavy duty gear drive-lubed for life

    Tube-in-tube vent and fill path - convert drum to injector system instantly

    Vent valve mounted directly to pump - no more brackets or extra hoses and pipes

    Motor control - speed and AMP control

    Cold weather performance (-40¼ C)

    More efficient seal replacement


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