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FloMax International manufactures a broad range of fluid-specific couplers for fuel and lubricating fluids. They engineer and manufacture all parts in-house, making customer-specific designs possible and upgrades efficient. Their rugged all-metal design (anodized aluminum exterior and nickel-plated steel wear components) and innovatively engineered latch mechanisms reduce friction and wear while increasing durability and reliability. What makes FloMax couplers unique is that they are engineered to prohibit receivers from coupling with incorrect nozzles. This completely removes any possibility of error during fluid transfer to heavy equipment as the fluids do not flow unless the nozzle is plugged into the correct receiver.

In addition to the standard Wiggins-compatible series’, FloMax offers a 6-color series in ¾” and a 7-color series in 1” sizes. Each color is machined a few thousandths of an inch different so that they will only connect to that matching color component to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. These choices mean a large operation can assign a single coupler to up to 13 different fluids on their site.

The design of FloMax products makes cleaning easy and is perfect for heavy industrial or mine sites as it reduces contaminants entering the fluids no matter how dirty the environment. These fittings are already widely employed by mining projects around the world in order to ensure the safety of very expensive super-heavy equipment.

The FloMax FNBL Fuel Nozzle is an innovative product that boasts significant improvements over the classic Wiggins design in order to increase efficiency, reliability and operational life. The FloMax internals sculpting creates a venturi effect accelerating fuel flow. Investment casting is 40% stronger than sand casting. The resulting thinner, stronger wall is lighter and easier to use. A sliding pin linkage reduces drag and wear on the valve sleeve compared to a hinge linkage. And the integral included swivel is 37% larger than the competition allowing increased flow rate.

Fireball Equipment Ltd is a leading FloMax partner in Alberta and one of the largest partners in North America. As a certified service facility, we are able to re-build nozzles in our shop which decreases cost and down-time and increases the life of the products in your operation. We can show you how this innovative product line can be implemented in your operation.