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Being in the fluid management business Fireball Equipment knows tanks. We design, procure and install and act as a value added reseller of tanks for any petroleum application. We have installed tanks that are up to 300 000 liters for our large scale tank farm projects to tanks that are 50 liters to store small amounts of oil in a small repair shop. Our expertise does not end at the tank; we understand how tanks relate to the rest of the system and how proper tank selection can affect other components and what connections are required. We know what connections work best for which tank and how to properly filter the fluids that each tank stores. We also fully understand the documentation and Fire code requirements and regulations of every tank we sell.

A common type of tank we sell and install are contaminant free poly storage tanks that are a fair bit larger than bench tanks and are designed to be installed off the shop floor such as in a basement or mezzanine. These tanks store fluids for dispense in the shop and typically pipe this fluid to hose reels via seamless tubing. They can be remote filled from an outside location. Poly Tanks are semi transparent so fluid levels can be easily observed in the absence of a full tank level monitoring system. Their construction materials prevent any sort of scaling, contamination or corrosion ensuring the fluids that they store remain completely clean.

Bench tanks are popular with smaller repair shops and are tanks that can be equipped with pumps, hose reels and dispense valves they can fit into virtually shop and hold between 800 and 1500 liters of fluid. These tanks can easily be placed on the shop floor and can be used as work benches so as not to sacrifice valuable working space to fluid storage. Fireball routinely sells, installs and configures bulk storage tanks to house large quantities of fluid for distributors and resellers. Bulk storage tanks can range from a single above ground tank to a large scale tank farm that contains dozens of tanks all configured for both bulk dispense and refill.

Fireball Equipment stocks a large quantity of ready to sell tanks, or we can design and procure custom tanks to suit any need and any budget. We understand tanks as well as how they need to be built in order to work within any given system. Contact our sales team for more information.