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Matrix is a wireless in shop fluid tracking system designed to track the dispense of oil and other maintenance fluids in a repair shop, service center or dealership. The system tracks every dispense and each one can be assigned to a specific work order so they can be properly billed. This automatic tracking of fluids not only saves money in terms of inventory shrinkage but also in man hours for tracking fluid transactions. Typically these systems pay for themselves in labor hours and inventory savings in under a year.

The Matrix Total Fluid Management System works by installing a software client and database on a local pc, this pc is connected to a wireless transceiver via USB cable or serial port. The matrix computer program can be accessed and used by any computer on the network. This program controls, dispenses and tracks fluid levels and stores records on the installed database. Depending on your company size and fluid tracking needs Fireball Equipment offers three types of Matrix software Basic, Professional and Premier. The Premier version of the software features a plug in that allows the software to communicate with Reynolds and Reynolds or ADP dealership management software.

The transceiver that is connected to the PC communicates to the other matrix equipment in the shop wirelessly. The equipment in shop consists of metered dispense valves that track the dispense of fluids and wirelessly communicate to the Matrix client software. These meters require the operator to input an ID code and work order before use so all dispenses are tracked. Individual work orders can even be configured to a preset amount in order to avoid overfills. Tank level monitors are installed on all storage thanks and use ultrasonic sensors to measure the fluid levels and then wirelessly send this data to the matrix transceiver. The Matrix program can be configured to automatically email an operator or even a supplier if any of the fluid tanks is low ensuring the shop doesn’t run out of the fluids. The pump air controllers wirelessly communicate with both the transceivers and the dispense meters so they only activate the air powered pumps when needed; minimizing fluid loss in the case of line failure.

Matrix transceivers use the 2.4 GHz band to maximize range which is typically between 250’ and 500’ given the layout of the shop they are installed in. Multiple transceivers can be installed to increase network range or to compensate for barriers that block wireless signals. Each transceiver can be configured on a different channel to reduce the possibility of interference from other wireless devices.

The following costs are a case study of Toromont CAT’s service facility in Manitoba. The costs were calculated internally for Matrix versus CAT’s previous fluid control system where oils were manually ordered at the part’s desk by the technician. In a Matrix system where the technician does not need to leave the bay to dispense oil. The numbers saved by Matrix speak for themselves.

Toromont's Savings Using Matrix System

Labor Savings Dispense Time   Number of Daily Dispenses   Avg. Hourly Labor Cost * (CDN)   Total Yearly Cost ** (CDN)
Old EFC System 15 min x 25 x $32.00 = $52,000
New Matrix System 5 min x 25 x $32.00 = $17,334
Yearly Labor Savings Attributed to Matrix: $34,666

Shrinkage Savings Shrinkage per Year   Avg. Lubricant Cost per Liter * (CDN)   Total Yearly Cost ** (CDN)
Old EFI System 5,000 liters (8%) x $2.50 = $12,500
New Matrix System 0 liters (0%) x $2.50 = $0
Yearly Shrinkage Savings Attributed to Matrix: $12,500
Total Yearly Savings (Labor + Shrinkage) Attributed to Matrix: $47,166

Matrix is one of our more popular products and our expert technicians offer full technical support for this program. Regardless the size of your operation; Matrix will save money by increasing technician efficiency and reducing inventory shrinkage.