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Lube and Fuel System Design Consulting

Fireball Equipment Ltd. offers Lubrication and Fuel System design and consulting services. Fireball personnel have the expertise to design any Fuel or Lubrication system from the ground up to meet any specification or budgetary requirement.

Every project designed by Fireball is done so with the end user in mind; the end user being the technicians on the shop floor who must actually use the system being designed. Creating a robust and easy to use system creates efficiencies and cost savings. Fireball Equipment works regularly with engineering firms on large scale projects for some of Canada’s largest industrial sites. We have the expertise and experience to take a project from the boardroom to the shop floor and every step in between. Fireball ensures all projects meet regulatory and environmental standards and our in-house documentation team ensures even the most stringent standards can be met for any project. Fireball provides all relevant drawings and documentation packages to the customer before work begins. All of our major projects are fully rendered in SolidWorks or AutoCAD.

Fireball Equipment has unmatched expertise in both the practical construction and theoretical design of lubrication and fueling systems. Fireball has the experience and practical knowledge to take any project from the suits in the board room to boots on the ground.