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Fuel Management and Fluid Control

Fireball Equipment‘s philosophy differs from most other companies in the industry as we believe in selecting quality product lines in each area and then becoming an expert in them. In keeping with that philosophy and based on our experience in the industrial fuel and lubrication market, we have chosen FuelMaster as our primary fuel management system and Pneumercator as our primary fuel tank management system.

The primary purpose of fuel management technology is to control access, track usage, aid in reconciliation and automatically generate reports for fire and electrical code compliance. Simple fuel management systems are commonly known as “card locks” and are common in the retail marketplace. FuelMaster is a “Fuels Accounting System” which provides not only the access control and tracking found in common card lock systems, but is built around accounting best practices which provide enhanced security, tracking and integrity of the collected data to comply with most corporate requirements.

A basic FuelMaster system includes a fuel island controller called a Fuel Management Unit or FMU. The base unit can control 2 hoses and can be upgraded to control up to 8. If more than 8 hoses are required at a single site, or the dispense points are spread over an extended area, FMU’s can be linked together to control up to 72 hoses at a single site.


At the heart of the system is the Central Controller, a Windows based PC that runs the FuelMaster Fuel Management Software suite. The Central Controller communicates with one or more FMU’s via phone, LAN or serial connection to download transaction data, upload authorizations or to change FMU configuration. The Central Controller stores all the data in an MS Access or SQL database from which a variety of useful reports can be run.

Several types of secure access devices or methods to identify the user and or vehicle to the FMU are available with the FuelMaster System. FMU’s support manually entered key codes, smart card, credit card, FuelMaster PROKEEs (a proprietary electronic key) as well as the AIM2 Passive wireless system for automatic wireless vehicle identification. The AIM2 wireless system has the added utility of automatically transmitting vehicle diagnostic information and usage statistics to the FMU to aid in the early detection of maintenance issues.

Another unique advantage of the FuelMaster System is that they also have a mobile platform that allows you to track fluids dispensed from fuel and lube trucks to equipment out in the field. These mobile FMU's collect the same information as the stationary sites and allow you to track all your fluids no matter where they are dispensed.

The addition of a Tank Management System provides the last critical piece of a complete bulk fuel or lube site. The benefits of tank level monitoring include automatic level detection for tracking ordering and reconciliation; Fire and Electrical code compliance by eliminating the need for daily dipping and manual inspections. The system can provide protection against over fills and prevent pump damage due to low fluid levels. High and low level alarms can be programmed according to site and application requirements and can be configured with an automatic overfill protection system to prevent spills. Pneumercator tank level monitors are available in a variety of configurations to meet virtually any need and the included software allows for remote management of all monitored tanks. Pneumercator consoles can also communicate directly with the FuelMaster FMUs allowing the tank information to be downloaded directly to the FuelMaster Central Controller to provide a truly unified monitoring solution. Fuel Management systems save money over time by reducing inventory shrinkage and labor costs. It is not uncommon for a system to pay for itself in under 3 years and many even show a return on investment in less than 12 months. Fireball Equipment designs Fuel Management Systems to fit the specific needs of the customer regardless of size or location.