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Filtration systems are becoming industry standard for heavy equipment maintenance and are slowly making their way into regular use for light vehicle shops as well.

The main push for filtration of lubrication products for the heavy industrial sector is being driven by heavy equipment manufacturers. For example Caterpillar requires a certain cleanliness rating on any lubrication product used in its equipment to honor their warranty. Contaminants present in unfiltered oil can slowly accumulate and start causing damage to engines; especially in large high performance industrial equipment. Even oil directly from the factory will contain contaminants that will build up over years and cause a multitude of problems.

In any system there are generally three potential points of filtration that Fireball focuses on. Incoming; before the product enters the bulk storage tank; Downstream of the pump; And at the hose reel right before dispense. Depending on customer specification Fireball can install a filtration system at one or more of these points.

Fireball Equipment Ltd. designs lubrication filtering systems to customer specification and to the cleanliness rating of the equipment they will be servicing. We also design our systems with the end user in mind meaning we ensure our filters are easy to clean and maintain designing them to be swapped without bringing the entire fluid systems offline. Fireball uses products that include an easy to see visual indicator to detect contamination and plugged elements.

Oil filtration is also becoming more common in the automotive maintenance industry. Not only does it keep bulk tanks free of contamination but it ensures better performance in the engines it is dispensed into. Fireball Equipment has the experience to install low cost filtration systems into any light vehicle maintenance shop or fast-lube.

Fireball Equipment can design and install a practical and easy to maintain fluid filtration system designed for any size of operation.