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Fireball Equipment Ltd. offers scalable turnkey fluid handling solutions that are designed around customer’s needs and budgetary requirements. We specialize in the storage, transfer, dispense and automatic tracking of fuel. We can setup fuel sites, fuel islands and even mobile fuel solutions for use onsite or in remote locations. Fireball designs, builds and services all of the solutions it provides making us a one stop shop for everything a municipality or automotive fleet needs to offset the high cost of offsite fueling.

For fuel storage applications Fireball can design and install anything from a fully functional tank farm that holds millions of liters of fluids to a small fuel island tank skid to support the temporary remote operations of some vehicles. Typically Fireball uses above-ground double-walled storage tanks to store fuel. These tanks, depending on size; can either be stationary, skid mounted or mounted on to a service truck. Any fireball tank can be equipped with tank level monitoring equipment to track levels and automate regulatory requirements for leak prevention.

For the dispense and transfer of fluids Fireball stocks a wide variety of fuel pumps so we can meet customer needs based on volume, ruggedness and application. Fireball also stocks a variety of fuel dispense fittings and filters that can be fluid specific and reduce contaminants entering the fuel and the fuel tanks of the fleet.

Fireball uses the FuelMaster fuel tracking system for all fuel tracking applications. FuelMaster technology is to control access, track users and automatically reconcile organization-wide fuel usage. FuelMaster has a comprehensive reporting suite to track fuel usage and can run in a variety of configurations. It can use electronic key or credit card access to act as a card lock in its most simple configuration. In more advanced setups FuelMaster can include the wireless AIM2 system. AIM2 allows FuelMaster to wirelessly and automatically identify the vehicle being fueled via a small module installed in the vehicle. In addition to identity information; AIM2 collects diagnostic information and usage statistics from the vehicle being fueled which can be invaluable in early detection of maintenance issues. Fireball’s fluid tracking technology and expertise can save money in any organization that uses a vehicle fleet.

Fireball can design, install and service fuel solutions for deployment in almost any environment. From central shops to remote work sites Fireball has your vehicle fleet covered. Our custom designed solutions can fit the needs of your fleet and your budget.