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Mining represents the core of Fireball Equipment’s customer base and continues to be our fastest growing business segment. Fireball designs, constructs and delivers modular turnkey solutions for the handling, storage, distribution and control of petroleum products. The reason Fireball has been successful in this field is because we understand the needs of the people both on the ground and in the board room. Our suits-to-boots mentality allows us to design and implement mining projects in a manner that meets the engineering specification and budgetary requirements of the customer while still being built to ensure that shop floor productivity remains the number one goal.

Fireball projects provide turnkey modular solutions that are built to handle the harsh environment of a mine site. We provide fueling and lubrication solutions for both stationary and mobile applications. We design and build tank farms equipped for incoming bulk fuel handling and with bulk fuel dispensing equipment. We install and service light vehicle fuel depots that can be deployed anywhere on site. Fireball builds self-contained fuel and lubrication islands known as pit stations in the mining pit itself which can be moved easily as location of the pit changes. Fireballs can also design/build fluid handling solutions to suit the needs of underground mines. Fireball builds mobile service trucks that can be equipped with fuel and or lubrication fluids that can meet mobile equipment anywhere on the mine site, providing fluids as needed and reducing downtime.


Any fluid handling system can be equipped with fluid tracking and management capabilities. Many mine sites find fluid and especially fuel tacking essential to daily operations. Fuel management largely removes the labor and human error components of fuel reconciliation, reduces inventory shrinkage and aids in identifying maintenance issues with mine site vehicles through automatic vehicle reports. Fluid tracking isn’t limited to dispense, tank level monitoring can prove invaluable to meeting regulatory requirements for dipping tanks and ensuring that product never runs out unexpectedly. All Fireball fluid and fuel management systems offer centralized management and administration options to further save on operator and labor costs.

We have developed an innovative design that will provide a system with the highest quality equipment at the best possible value. Reliability and performance are our top priorities for mining industry projects followed closely by cost effectiveness and value.

Fireball provides full customer service before, during and after the sale of equipment. We have mechanical engineers and a drafting department that uses 3D Solidworks and AutoCAD drafting software on staff. Fireball Equipment also has quality control and safety programs that include a comprehensive turnover document package. We are COR certified and are approved members of ISNetworld and CanQual vendor prequalification services. We have a full-time, well-trained installation team and service department with a fleet of fully equipped vehicles and trailers. All of these factors mean that we can design, supply, install and service all of the equipment we sell.