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Fuel, Lube and Service Truck Builders

Fireball Equipment Ltd. regularly works with truck builders to develop a complete package suited to our customers mobile lube and fuel dispensing needs. We can typically accept a chassis and then outfit it with fluid handling equipment and configure it to customer specification. In-house drafting and engineering allows Fireball to work closely with both truck builders and end users to ensure the truck is properly equipped and designed for its intended duties.

A typical lube-truck setup is built on to a customer-supplied chassis. There are many possible configurations, from a small service lube truck up to a large mining fuel and lube truck built onto a Caterpillar 740 articulated chassis. A small service body might include a few oils, maybe coolant, and likely a waste oil evacuation package. A large mining truck typically carries hydraulic oil, engine oil, transmission fluid, gear or final drive oil, coolant, high-pressure grease, a waste oil evacuation system and diesel fuel. For extra utility the truck might be equipped with power cord and light reels. A truck this size would likely also be equipped with an onboard air compressor and/or hydraulic power unit for powering the equipment and pumps. As with all Fireball systems thermal relief valves are installed so it can operate in any environment and handle rapid temperature shifts without damaging onboard equipment.

FuelMaster fluid management systems(card lock)are available in custom mobile configurations to handle even the most rugged environment so that all fluid dispenses are tracked; even in the field. This allows the truck to meet large mining vehicles out in an open pit mine and replace their fluids without having to take the units offline and to a maintenance shop while still maintaining accurate records of where the fluid is going and how much each vehicle is using. Keeping these kinds of records automatically eliminates human error, saves labor and allows problems with equipment to be indentified early because increased fluid consumption is easily identifiable on reports.

For fuel-only trucks the fuel dispense system is powered by a hydraulic sliding vane pump. The Fuel is dispensed via specialty hose reel with dispense valve. A static grounding reel and thermal relief valves are included for safety in all environmental conditions.

Fireball Equipment has extensive experience in constructing service trucks and works closely with both truck builders and end users to ensure the vehicles are designed and delivered to spec and on time.