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Heavy Truck Maintenance and Repair Shops

Fireball Equipment Ltd. provides a variety of fluid handling solutions for the demanding needs of heavy equipment maintenance and repair shops. Our equipment can deliver high volumes of lubricants and grease to your equipment in an efficient and cost effective manner.

A typical installation usually starts with bulk storage tanks for fluid dispense that can be deployed almost anywhere based on floor plan requirements, be it in a basement, on a mezzanine or a dedicated tank room. We even have some innovative designs for outdoor heated storage which saves on building costs. The tanks can be fitted with remote fill piping and valves so they can be filled and emptied easily regardless of their physical location. The fluids are piped by seamless steel tubing to banks of hose reels located between every two bays. Each reel would be connected to a different fluid. Reel banks can also be equipped with suction wands powered by heavy duty diaphragm pumps to extract used oil and other waste fluids from the equipment and the work area.

The reel banks are fed by high capacity air-operated pumps. Our heavy-duty or extreme duty hose reels can handle constant use in a challenging environment. The reels can be configured to dispense anything from high pressure lubricants, greases, glycol, gear oil, even pressure wash. Most reels are spring rewind; however power-rewind reels are available depending on the application and needs of the customer.

Dispense valves are a vital and often over looked aspect of dispensing maintenance fluids. Fireball can equip hose reel ends with anything from simple unmetered valves to pre-set metered dispense valves with wireless communication systems for integration with a fluid management system. Fireball Equipment also stocks a wide range of fluid specific couplers that are quite popular with heavy equipment shops. Fluid specific couplers prevent cross contamination of the fluids by only connecting to a specific coupler installed on the piece of equipment being serviced.

A growing number of customers are opting for fluid management systems. For Heavy Equipment and Repair shop customers Fireball recommends the Matrix Total Fluid Management System. Matrix is a wireless in-shop fluid tracking system that tracks the usage and inventory of maintenance fluids. Matrix is a completely wireless system that communicates with tank level monitors, air pump controllers and metered dispense valves to coordinate and track fluid usage. Matrix stores its data on an MSE server that can be installed on any windows based desktop PC. The Matrix system offers cost savings both by reducing inventory shrinkage and increased shop efficiency as technicians do not need to leave their bay to order product. Fireball Equipment designs and installs custom equipment installations to handle your specific fluid management needs.