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Fast Lubes

Fireball Equipment Ltd. specializes in providing state of the art equipment designed specifically for the competitive fast-lube market.

A fast lube installation by Fireball Equipment normally consists of an oil system, a gear oil system, a glycol system and a used oil collection and transfer system. All of these systems work in tandem to provide faster, more efficient service and ultimately a more profitable shop.

The oil system consists of 8 separate oils stored in separate contamination-free poly tanks. These tanks can be stored in the basement and filled remotely via seamless steel lines. Each tank and associated oil lines are pressurized by a Graco Fire-ball air pump. Fluid dispense is handled by a floor mounted Graco dispense console that holds pistol gripped dispense valves. All lines are also equipped with thermal relief valves. These often overlooked valves prevent over pressurization as a single degree temperature increase in 25 feet of oil line can result in an increase of over 40 PSI pressure.

Since transmission fluid is used much less regularly than engine oil a less expensive drum mounted fluid dispense system is what Fireball recommends. A Graco Fire-ball pump is mounted on a drum plate and fits on top of a drum which is be connected to a remote line so it can be dispensed from any of the dispense consoles.

The glycol system is similar to the engine oils in that it uses a contamination free poly tanks to store the fluid in the basement. These tanks are quite useful for this application as they do not scale or corrode. Fluid dispense is then handled by electronic dispense meters. A specialized Graco diaphragm pump powers the system.

Fireball Equipment can provide the equipment for the safe and efficient removal of used oil that fully complies with local environmental ordinance and the Fire Code. To that end Fireball typically installs 114 liter rolling drain trays which are drained by remote Graco diaphragm pumps. The pumps can handle pumping almost any amount of small particulate contamination from used oil. The pump transfers the used oil through steel piping as per fire code and into a used oil storage tank which is stored outside of the building in to a ULC certified steel used oil tank. The tank can be remotely evacuated by truck. The system is equipped with an overfill alarm so the operator knows when to call for pickup and an automatic pump shutoff when the tank reaches 95% capacity.

Fireball Equipment provides all legal documentation and permits for used oil systems that are required under the Fire Code. Our company is registered with the Petroleum Tank Manufacturers Association of Alberta (PTMAA) as a certified installer; a requirement by the Alberta Fire Code for installation of waste oil systems. We ensure that all of our installers are properly trained and that every system they install complies with the Fire Code.

We also sells pit protection systems, from rollers to bay nets, Fireball can install safety systems that meet your needs and your budget. Fireball Equipment can install fluid handling systems to fit any shop and any budget.