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Bulk Agents

Fireball Equipment Ltd. is an industry leader in designing, constructing and servicing systems that are tailored to the needs of bulk distribution agencies and their customers. Fireball offers a variety of turnkey systems for commercial bulk fluid agents from storage to transport to dispense and everything in between. We design all of our fluid handling systems so that they can be handed over to the customer in a turnkey state with proper documentation and commissioning included. Fireball has designed and installed solutions for bulk distributors who handle oil, gasoline, diesel, grease, coolant and even Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Our unmatched expertise allows us to handle fluids that some of our competitors cannot.

Bulk distribution starts with storage, and Fireball has a wide variety of storage solutions available. Everything from eleven hundred litre poly tanks to multi-million litre tank farms. Fireball can provide optional tank level monitoring systems for any of our fluid storage solutions.

When it comes time for transfer and dispense Fireball has the equipment and expertise to ensure you are ahead of the competition. We can install a variety of specialty hose reels and pumps on any truck to ensure your trucks can deliver product easily to any location. We can also design and build totes or other smaller tank solutions with built-in pumps and reels to be placed on your customer’s site. Fireball can integrate fluid tracking technology at any point in the delivery or storage process. This allows your remote delivery trucks to essentially become mobile card-locks greatly increasing your billing efficiency. It can also allow you to automate the tracking and reconciliation of your valuable product by reducing shrinkage and increasing accounting accuracy.

Fireball has the expertise and equipment to make your bulk fluid business more profitable. Contact our sales team today to find out what our equipment and expertise can do for you and your company.