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FuelMaster is the fuel management system of choice for airports across North America both for private refueling by flying clubs and corporate hangers as well as retail operations offering the full range of aviation fuels. Originally developed for the U.S armed forces, FuelMaster is the top dog in terms of ruggedness, value and capability. Using FuelMaster we can add billing and fuel tracking capabilities to your existing fuel systems. In its simplest configuration FuelMaster can make your existing fuel sites into card locks and dispenses can be activated via credit card, electronic Prokee, or by keypad input. This allows your fuel site to function without an attendant and all of your transactions are tracked and stored in a computer database.

While unattended fuelling is a relatively new concept to airports in most of Canada, more and more it is becoming a requirement for smaller airports trying to remain viable. There are an increasing number of small, privately-owned aircraft as well as small corporate aircraft being utilized for a wide variety of applications from pleasure flights to tourism related aviation. These aircraft most often frequent smaller airports and they all require fuel. FuelMaster offers airport operators and flying clubs the opportunity to offer a secure solution for unattended fueling of a variety of aircraft via private access and retail transactions.

Exclusive to FuelMaster is a truck mounted mobile system with the same capabilities as the stationary units. This allows an airport to offer a mobile refueling service as well as, or instead of, stationary sites while tracking all fuel distribution in the same system.

Fireball Equipment is the exclusive distributor of FuelMaster in Canada and we have been installing the system in a wide variety of applications, since 2002. We are expert in all aspects of the installation and configuration of the FuelMaster system and have the full backing of the manufacturer in providing presales and post installation support. In addition to fuel management Fireball also designs, builds and services fuel storage, handling and dispense systems. Fireball’s systems are well suited to a small airport as we can provide skid mounted solutions that can easily be deployed in a turnkey state directly onto the tarmac. Equipped with fuel reels and metered dispense valves these fuel skids can easily reach any aircraft and make fueling easy. For busier airports fireball can design, build and service self contained fuel islands that can carry a variety of fuels and other maintenance fluids. For even larger scale fuel needs Fireball can design and install a full tank farm for large scale fuel storage and distribution.

Fireball has extensive experience in filtration systems, which are key to any aviation fuel system. We distribute and install Fil-Trek, Velcon, Schroeder and a variety of other filtration systems which have product lines specifically for the aviation industry.

Fireball’s product lines, experience, and ability to provide you a solution from initial design to after sales service make us the ideal partner for your aviation fuel equipment needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about our aviation solutions.