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Automotive Dealerships

Dealerships make up one of the largest market segments of Fireball’s automotive business. Fireball has outfitted hundreds of dealerships all over western Canada with the equipment they need to get their service departments running efficiently. To that end Fireball installs several systems for fluid tracking, bulk storage, fluid dispensing and used oil evacuation.

Since a dealership’s service department typically focuses on work orders that involve several different products, a reliable integrated fluid management system is a must. The Graco Matrix total fluid management system is a wireless fluid tracking system that is fully certified for integration with Reynolds & Reynolds and ADP. Matrix works by communicating with the dispense nozzle, pump air controls and the tank level monitors to control each dispense and match it to both a work order and the technician who is dispensing the fluid. The system itself is controlled by a computer terminal and can be installed on any windows based PC. Matrix ensures the right customer is being billed for the right fluid and at the correct amount. The system typically reduces inventory shrinkage to near zero keeping your costs under control. Matrix allows tank levels to be seen remotely at a glance from a central location, and specific reorder point alerts can be set to so you are never without the fluids that you need for your customers. Since Matrix is wireless it allows your mechanics to order oil without leaving their bay; increasing worker efficiency.

A typical Fireball installation at a dealership includes hose reels to dispense fluids which can reach every bay in the shop. All the reels draw from central storage tanks and the fluids are delivered to the reels using air powered Graco Fireball pumps that are linked to the matrix pump air control system. This ensures the lines are kept depressurized when not in use in case of line failure. Each dispense system is also equipped with a thermal relief valve to prevent over pressurization due to fluid expansion during a rise in temperature.

Fireball used oil systems extract used oil in a cost effective and environmentally sound manner. We typically install bay mounted drain trays for removal or rolling drain carts such as a Graco ‘Oil King’. The used oil pump system then draws the oil from the oil kings and transfers it safely to the ULC certified tank for later removal. Fireball uses heavy duty double-diaphragm pumps rated for suspended solids to power used oil extraction systems.

Fireball Equipment provides all legal documentation and permits for used oil systems that are required under the Fire Code. Our company is registered with the Petroleum Tank Manufacturers Association of Alberta (PTMAA) as a certified installer, a requirement by the Alberta Fire Code for installation of waste oil systems. We ensure that all of our installers are properly trained and that every system they install complies with the Alberta Fire Code. Storage of both used fluids and new fluids is an important aspect of running a service department. Buying fluids in bulk is a key area of cost savings. Fireball typically installs contamination free poly tanks for each type of fluid. All of these tanks have remote fill locations so you don’t need to disrupt your operation to refill or drain fluids. These tanks can be located anywhere in the shop and can be remotely filled and dispensed via seamless steel tubing.

Fireball Equipment Ltd. installations increase the efficiency and profitability of dealership service departments with a quick return on investment.